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Mini Sagas

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 16:49

Imagine ...  You are sitting in a small wooden building, huddled around a blazing fire, listening to the wind howling outside.  There is no television, no radio, no ipads, computers or books - this is Scandinavia in the middle ages.  The only entertainment you have is the ancient art of Storytelling ...

 Stories once begun, would last for days or even months – recalling the deeds of ancestors long passed, the wars of the gods, and the conquests of ancient kings.  Here the Saga was born ...

 Travel forward in time 2,000 years; a time where life is too busy. No one has time to create the sagas of old, but we can, in an age where everything is getting smaller and faster, reduce our stories to Mini Sagas of just 50 words.

What will your Mini Saga be ...? [taken from 'What is a Mini Saga?' leaflet by Froward Press]


Here is my first Mini Saga - if you would like to write your own 50 word Mini Saga, get in touch and we may publish it here!


The Fallen Apple

My father looked at me cold, unblinking; a great distance between us.

Beads of sweat covered his brow matching my own.

I knew he loved me.

An eerie silence fell.


Death screamed towards me.


The apple fell in two at my trembling feet.

A cheer!

Father smiled.