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Dent Brokenshield and the Case of the Missing Fairy Dust


The Crime of the Century


The Fairy Glade is in uproar.

 It is the Crime of the Century.


No – it’s far beyond that – it is the crime of lots and lots of centuries stacked together in a filthy, rotten, stinking, non-aromatic crime pile.

The Fairy Dust is missing and the Fairy Kingdom is in disarray. Fairies are still flying, but for how long? Even now, some are fluttering and spluttering out of the skies.


 Time is running out...


Can Dwarven Investigator, Scientist


and Recluse, Dent Brokenshield,


overcome his demons of the past to solve


the Mystery, aided by his not-so-able


fairy assistant, Fixx Flutterwing?