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Great gift for Children's Church for Christmas or Easter
I love these little books. They are a real answer to that perennial question of what to get the children's group at Christmas. Lively illustrations, easy to read words and clear explanation about the good news about how God solved the biggest problem of all. Barton Church (Canterbury) love these books. Elsa
I thought How God Un-Invisibled Himself was brilliant - my husband and I both loved the way it was written and the illustrations. This is the most modern gospel books I"ve seen and I love that it is written from the point of view of God's heart for His people, which is very powerful. Julie Curtis
Communicating the gospel to younger children
We bought this book to give to each of the infant age children at our church. The book explains the gospel and allows children as young as 5 and 6 year olds to read for themselves. The prayer of commitment at the end of the book also allows a parent or guardian to talk through and explain how Jesus longs to forgive us and come and live with us. I'm sure this book will become a strong favourite.
Awesome! This has to be a bestseller!!
I read this book this afternoon and loved it! It is ideal for a bedtime read with children. I love the simplicity and message of love it conveys. Highly recommended..
Mark and Liz this book is amazing. I have brought loads for my Toddler Group as Christmas Gifts. You have illustrated and written this book so beautifully and it's so inspiring. I can just picture and pray as Toddler parents share this story with their children that he is going to use this book to challenge and inspire hearts. Bless you.

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The Story of How God Un-Invisibled Himself

God was sad

He had created a wonderful world

Now everyone had forgotten all about Him

They didn’t even know what He looked like!

But God had a Plan ...

He would un-invisible Himself

to show everyone what He was really like!

44 pages with beautiful colour illustrations throughout produced and printed right here in the UK. Made In Britain



£3.99 For International Orders please contact for postage rates.