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Best book ever!
This book was brilliant! I never thought it was going to be that good. Can't wait for the next book. Joseph, age 10
Not read yet
Only just got the book but from other readers it sound like this will be a good one! Menu, age 11
Amazing book to read.
The tale about Polly’s magic bubbles is marvellous, as it catches the readers attention. This book is definitely worth reading because there are lot’s of parts where it is exciting, funny, and imaginative. I really like this book, Zack age 10 Pontyclun Primary School.
This book was amazing! So were the pictures. Polly was my favourite but I also loved the bubble man. Mark was also lovely. Esther, age 11
Fun and interesting
The book so far has been very interesting for me and it has been very fun to look at the sticker. Madison, age 10
Good book
This is a good book. In 2018 please make a new Polly's Magic Bubbles. Here's some of my Polish for you: Czesc (Hi) and Banka (Bubbles) Adrian, age 8
I Couldn't put it down!
I thought it was a really good book. I couldn't put it down! Polly and Marcia are just like me and my best friend Dorothy (me: Polly; Dot: Marcia) Megan age 10
Polly’s Magic Bubbles
Polly’s Magic Bubbles is my favourite book because it has spiders and I LOVE BUBBLES. Polly is my favourite character because she is adventurous. Dorothy age 10
Thomas James Age 9 Llwyncrwn Primary school
Hi Mark you came to my school and read Polly's Magic Bubbles and I thought it was absolutely amazing my favourite chapter was with Marcia because she is amazingly funny and in school I'm on free choice books and I am now reading this book so hope you read this thanks THOMAS JAMES LLWYNCRWN PRIMARY SCHOOL
Tom age 8 Llwyncrwn primary school
This book is great my favourite character is Marcia she is very funny I would recommend this book to a friend because it is an awesome book
Anya age 8 llyncrwn primary school
I like Marcia she is funny. I think you should use your imagination and inspiration and write great books I love all of your books and the illustrations by your wife
Kelise Age 8 Llwyncrwn Primary School
I love the story, it is awesome. My favourite character is Marcia because she is funny. The idea of magic bubbles is really good. I think that the illustrations are really suitable for the story.
Brooke Age 8 Llwyncrwn Primary School
Great story loved the spider part. I found Marcia very funny and I loved the covers
fabulous fun book
fun exciting book and full of adventure. beautiful illustration's I recommend this book to everyone.
very good book
I loved the book it very interesting book to read. This book is amazingly awesome I mean woooooooonderful and I loved it. Samantha age 7.
a brilliant book
I loved the book from start to finish. I would love to have an adventure like Polly and Marcia, every minute I was either reading the book or doing school work. I didn't want it to end! Brilliant illustrations by the way. Katie age 10.
A very enjoyable story
I bought the book 'Polly's Magic Bubbles' for my 8 year old niece and must say I found it a very enjoyable little story! It has an engaging plot line, great characters and beautiful illustrations. At the cost of only £4.99 this book is a great bargain, one you won't regret investing in for that special little someone. (And lets be honest, magic bubbles...who wouldn't want some!) Ruth
Fab book
I love this book and was very impressed by the illustrations; I would definitely recommend this book to all. Nice book!!
An excellent book
I loved Polly's magic bubbles. Once I started reading it I couldn't stop until I turned the last page. I want my own set of magic bubbles to have an adventure like Polly's. I also loved the drawings. Sam aged 9
Polly's Magic Bubbles
Just to let you know my daughter loved reading Polly's Magic Bubbles and through the illustrations are wonderful! Adele Webb
Magic Bubbles!!
I love the idea of magic bubbles that can transport you around the globe, to the end of a rainbow and to another world! This story was fun, sweet and full of adventure! The illustrations are stunning, and really bring the story to life! I very much enjoyed this read (even if I'm a liiiiittle bit older than the recommended age range!)

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Polly’s Magic Bubbles and the Quest for Dizzelwood

 Self-Publishing Book of the Year Award

 Thank you for purchasing your Magic Bubbles!


Polly misses out on buying the very last Bubble Gun, but then a mysterious old man appears with a tiny bottle of bubbles, along with the cryptic message:


Thank you for purchasing your Magic Bubbles!

Twelve blows - but not too hard!

Only twelve and no more.

Use your last Bubbles very carefully!

Refunds definitely not avalailable.


Encountering deadly spiders and assassin birds, Polly and her best friend, Marcia, set out on a dangerous adventure! Will they discover the mysterious old man’s real identity, and can they defeat the evil Sor-Ben-Rez who is determined to win the Magic Bubbles for himself?


Age Group: 7+


All Polly books bought from this website will have a limited edition 3D bubble on its front cover!


Polly and Marcia's adventures continue in Polly's Magic Bubbles:   Revenge of the Spiders


98 pages with beautiful colour illustrations throughout produced and printed right here in the UK. Made In Britain


Download Colouring Page here

£4.99 For International Orders please contact for postage rates.