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A really good book!
I thought it was a really good book. It only took me two days to read! Six stars!!! P.S. I found Tomser Cat Magan age 10
Polly’s Magic Bubbles Revenge of the Spiders
Revenge of the Spiders is amazing because it is a 3rd bigger than the last book and introduces a new character called Jake. 10 stars! Dorothy age 10

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Polly's Magic Bubbles: Revenge of the Spiders

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders! 

   Dad's precious pipe has gone missing

 Marcia’s lost her voice!

Spiders are rampaging everywhere!


Not only that, Polly's family are trapped like statues beneath giant spider webs!


Polly, along with her bookworm big brother, Jake, and best friend, Marcia, set out to stop the evil Sor-Ben-Rez and his spider army from taking over the world!


Armed with just a bottle of Magic Bubbles and their wits, can the intrepid companions discover and unlock the mysterious Power of Three?


Will Jake prove a hindrance

or a help to their mission?

Will Sor-Ben-Rez capture the Magic Bubbles

and use them in his dastardly plans for world domination?


This is the second of Polly's adventures, ideally to be read after Polly's Magic Bubbles and the Quest for Dizzelwood.


Age Group: 7+


193 pages of high adventure with beautiful colour illustrations throughout produced and printed right here in the UK. Made In Britain


£6.99 For International Orders please contact for postage rates.