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Amazing Book!
I found this to be a really good descriptive book. My favourite character was Bodgcar, he was a funny character and in the times when every thing seemed hopeless he always had something in his coat that would fix the problem. All the main characters Twics, Eliza, Silver Flame, Mulg, Uncle Freddie and Bodgcar all played an amazing part. There was a lot happening in the story which meant I never got bored and always wanted to read on. The story telling and active plot made it all fit together perfectly. This is one of the best books I've read, by far. Peter is a Harry Potter and Renn K'orr is Voldemort. Matthew Sparkes

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The Extraordinary Happenings of Peter Oddfellow: The Old Umbrella

Never EVER Open Indoors! 

Waking up in a hospital bed with two broken legs was the last thing that teenage misfit, Peter Oddfellow, expected - but this was only the beginning!


A strange and enigmatic visitor, a bad-tempered cat, a beautiful Forest Princess and an old umbrella, no good for anything … or was it?


Peter Oddfellow is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, where things are rarely as they seem, least of all his own identity.


Age Group: Young adult fantasy fiction.


340 pages of high adventure produced and printed right here in the UK. Made In Britain

£7.99 For International Orders please contact for postage rates.