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I love your books
I thought it was very good because it was like a mystery and it was really fun and funny. Maya, age 7
A fascinating adventure
This book had me gripped from beginning to end. Ethan age 9
I really liked the book. I erally liked the end part. It was brilliant. Kieran, age 9
Amazing but not perfect
Very far fetched but very, very entertaining. Good illustrations. Amazing but not perfect. Luis, age 10
Loved the story!
I loved the story - fast flowing, with each chapter leaving you waiting to find out what happened next. Disappointment came first as I thought there were more adventures you could have got from the character - then I realised there was more to come. Can't wait - thanks Mark Brenda Healan St Helens RC Primary School Caerphilly
I love this book - please write more. I love that you had 2 books in one story.. I like it when Grandpa calls the Dragon a nincompoop! Aliyah, age 8
Amazing, brilliant - a must read!
This book is so interesting. I loved it so much I am so excited to order lots more. 11 and lots more stars! Kate, age 9
Very Good Book
Your book was very good and it must have took you a long time to write - Thank you! 9 stars Gethin, age 8
Mark Dorey your book is brilliant and amazing! I would like to read more of your books, you are an amazing author! 500 stars - it was brilliant! Megan, aged 7
Exciting book
One of the greatest books I've read. Great describing words - I read it all day! Exciting book! Thomas Age 8
Love it!
When I first saw the book I was like the title is so long but I love it! Naushin Age 9
I thought about your book and it was amazing - l loved it! Emily
I really enjoyed the book and I didn't want it to end. Margot, 8
Amazing Book!
It was an amazing book and I really enjoyed reading it. This book is amazing for young readers! Elizabeth, age 10
I love this book the detail in the pictures is amazing and I love the vocab that's why this is my tenth time reading it so amazing thanks mark and liz keep writing no matter what (Alex)
Loved the book - it was brilliant and amazing! Bolbod Aged 8
So good!
It was so good I can't even put it down! Hangsa, age 8
I like your book
I liked it when Tyler stuck his head through the mountain. Cora, aged 8
It was a brilliant adventure book Mark
Ryan age 9
Awsome book
I think this is a great book, and I would recommend it to anyone in the world, I thought it was so good that I couldn't put it down, I read in walking back from school, eating dinner, everywhere even after I had to go to bed, again I recommend this book and hope to see more (or even a part 2!) Matthew age 9
A book of mystery, humour and friendship
Grandpa and Tyler go on a quest to find their missing family members and also solve the mystery of the mountain. I like the way this book shows the friendship between Tyler and Rhydian because you wouldn't think a dragon could be friendly. There are lots of funny parts in the story. I liked the part where Tyler thinks the gold in Rhydian's secret cave is gold but it is actually something else! Harrison
Amazing book full of freindship and adventure
Brilliant book! The main character Rhydian is a dragon who eats fruit and lives in Rudry Mountain, he helps Grandpa and Tyler with their quest to find his family... by doing this they also solve the mystery of the mountain. I found the book easy to read and liked the Dragon Appendix - A brief history of Dragons because it explains the different types of dragons. Morgan
Amazing book full of mystery and adventure .
Grandpa and Tyler go on a adventure to find out why snow never settled on Rudry mountain. Tyler discovers a secret entrance and finds Rhydian who is a dragon that eats cooked fruit and together they become great friends and solve the mystery of the mountain. It is a great book about friendship and family. I would recommend this book because it keeps you guessing and make you want to read on. Ieuan
Dragon Lovers Beware
Amazing book full of friendship, adventure and mystery. Mark Dorey takes you on an adventure of revealing the secrets of Rudry mountain. The main characters Rhydian (dragon),Tyler and Grandpa all set off to find missing family members. I really enjoyed the book and think it is a great story for children my age. Ruben
Fly high with Rhydian, Tyler and Grandpa
Great book all round full of action and adventure and friendship. Rhydian (a dragon) Tyler and Gandpa embark on a mysterious quest for their missing family members. Along the way they solve the mystery of the un- snowy mountain and the Great Deep Sleep. Matthew
Best book in the world
I love this book because the fruit letters
Great title
I thought the story exellent and it made me want to read all the book.
By Katie age 11
Hello mark you came to our school and I bought one of your books. The book was absolutely brilliant I really enjoyed it it was fab thanks mark for coming to our school
How much I enjoyed the book
Hi I am Lucy, aged 9 You might remember me from the book signing I really enjoyed the book I have finished it and wanted to thank you for signing my book Many thanks Lucy
the mystery of the un snowy mountain and the great deep sleep miscalculation
I just started reading it coz mark dorey came to my school today (my name is zainab) and so far so good
Great Book!
I really enjoyed the book, no wonder it took so long to write the book! It was very interesting and I couldn't put the book down. This book is the best book ever!!! love Nia xxx. Aged 7 Ysgol Evan James
Loved it!
I loved this book! Full of intrigue, mystery and adventure, and even had me laughing out loud! Can't wait to read more about Tyler and Rhydian’s adventures! Louise

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The Mystery of the Un-Snowy Mountain and the Great Deep Sleep Miscalculation

Something Very Strange...


For some strange reason, snow never, ever settles on

Rudry Mountain

  Some said it was Magic...

             ... or perhaps the Mountain

   was made of Hot Rock...


but the Truth lay somewhere in between...


What’s more, lots of fresh fruit has been mysteriously vanishing from the greenhouses of Rudry village...


Tyler and his Grandpa set out on an unexpected adventure to unravel the secrets of the Mountain and so much more!


Age Group: 7+

160 pages with beautiful colour illustrations throughout produced and printed right here in the UK. Made In Britain



£5.99 For International Orders please contact for postage rates.