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Creative Writing & Storytelling for Schools


"Not only did the children learn a thing or two about writing, it also made us reflect on our practice as professionals and our planning of the writing process."

Louise Jones, Literacy Coordinator, Derwendeg Primary School, Hengoed


“Just want to say a huge thanks for today. I went into the staff room afterwards and there was an overwhelming 'He was Fab, the kids loved him!' You were a big hit with the children and adults. Honestly, as the Literacy Coordinator, I couldn't ask for anything better!"

Rhian Morgan, Literacy Coordinator, Pontyclun Primary School, Pontyclun


" Mark presented to a packed hall of Year 7 pupils who remained thoroughly engaged throughout the session. Pupils particularly enjoyed the glimpse into the world of book publishing and the journey a book undergoes from conception to final release."

Simon Hoey, Treorchy High  School

Interactive, Informative, Inspiring & Fun!


Hi there, my name is Mark and I just love telling stories!

As a father of three children, one in Primary school, one in High School and one now grown up, I’ve always loved reading and telling stories! With over 25 years writing experience, I am passionate about engaging our youngsters to not only read more but to pick up their pens (or their tablets) and get writing themselves!

Children never get tired of having stories read to them, which is even more brilliant when those telling the stories are the authors themselves! Our storytelling sessions are designed for children of all ages, from Foundation phase, right through Juniors and into Secondary education.

As a full member of the Society of Authors and someone who has performed poetry and spoken word at events all over Wales with National Theatre Wales, I know all too well how words can ignite and excite people’s imaginations.

Whenever I do storytelling (with accompanying illustrations and not reading from a book), the kids get really excited and involved, and normally, after a few minutes, they are all joining in with their own sound effects and actions!

All our storytelling sessions include a Meet & Greet the Author where the children get the chance to meet with me one on one for a little chat, and also to buy their own signed and personalised copy of a book!

Our aim is to encourage the children’s love for stories, so that by the time I leave they are already picking up a book to read, or even start writing one themselves!

All our storytelling sessions are interactive, informative, inspiring and fun, with kids asking all kinds of wonderful and sometimes very off-the-wall questions, so  there's never a dull moment!

Based in South Wales, we are fully DBS checked. 

Our Creative Writing and Storytelling sessions are one hour for KS2, a little more for pupils in Secondary school, and a little less for Foundation aged children.

These interactive workshops provide a real insight into how we bring our books to life, and how the children too can become aspiring authors themselves! 

We also encourage children to enter Radio 2's 500 Words Competition.

Sessions can be tailored to individual school requirements. 

For more information or if you would like us to come to your area or simply find out more, please email Mark or call on 01443 408577 or 07846 994 916.

You can view more of our Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

Foundation (ages 3 to 7)


Can We Walk to the Moon?

How High Do Trees Grow?

(Two picture books written in verse)


includes signed school library books

Discovering the stories 

behind the stories!

 Interactive Storytelling

Children are encouraged to interact, spotting and counting story aspects.


Remembering the Stories

with Wordsearch & Crossword Fun!


Storyboard Challenge

Encouraging children to come up with stories using storyboards of their own! 


What’s it like to be an author?

Meet the Author Book Signing

Juniors (KS2 ages 7 to 11)


Polly's Magic Bubbles and the Quest for Dizzelwood

(Illustrated Chapter Book)


includes signed school library books

  • Bringing a Book to Life
  • Inspiration is everywhere!
  • Characters Development 
  • Illustrating Your Book 
  • Drafting Your Story 
  • Storytelling 
  • Original Book Illustrations 
  • Book Cover Design 
  • Radio 2’s 500 Words 
  • 500 Word Storyboard Challenge 
  • Author Q & A
  • Meet the Author Book Signing

Junior / High (ages 11+)


The Extraordinary Happenings of Peter Oddfellow:

The Old Umbrella

(Teenage / Young Adult Novel)


includes signed school library books

  • Bringing a Book to Life
  • Inspiration / Defining Genre 
  • Book Cover Design
  • Developing Characters
  • Storytelling
  • Drafting in Detail
  • Adding a Prologue
  • Writing & Publishing
  • Radio 2’s 500 Words
  • Author Q & A
  • Meet the Author Book Signing

Themed Storytelling Sessions

Health & Wellbeing


Using our illustrated chapter book Midge - Prince of the Giants, this storytelling session emphasises the importance of Friendship and how to children can become true giants themselves!

Reading with Children


There are few things more fun and intimate than reading with your children. In this storytelling session, Mark takes parents through the joys and excitement of reading with their children in practical ways.

Story of the Welsh Flag


Mark helps children discover the mysteries of why the Welsh Flag has a red dragon on it in this exciting storytelling session.

Religious Education Talks


We also have a number of Christian themed titles explaining the Gospel in simple terms which are ideal as a basis for Religious Education talks.

Meeting the author for signed books

Excited Children


The children are always excited when they can meet up with me as the author!

Time for a Chat


There's always time for a chat (and lots of questions too)!

Personalised Book Signing


I am always happy for the children to have their own signed books dedicated with their names in.

Photos for all


It's always lovely to have photos taken with the children too!

Catching A Star!


The infants of Fynnon Taf Primary School were inspired to write their own stories following one of our storytelling workshops and reading Can We Walk to the Moon? when they suddenly found a Star caught up in a tree in their school!

  • Storytelling sessions can be cancelled up to 48 hours before, but this will incur a 50% charge of the booked session cost.
  • A computer running Microsoft PowerPoint must be available at the school, logged on and ready to go in time for the start of the storytelling session.
  • A number of teachers need to be present during any of our sessions.
  • A text reminder or equivalent must be sent out to the parents the day before any scheduled book signing.
  • A book signing is generally arranged three to four days after the storytelling session unless otherwise agreed.
  • Book order forms and book money can either remain with the child for the book signing or collected beforehand with an associated  tally and register of all the children who are having their books signed.
  • Wherever possible, it is preferable for the children who are having their books signed to be present at the book signing.
  • Only agreed Tomser Cat books will be brought to the book signing.
  • Any children who forget their book money can purchase their Tomser Cat books online from this website.
  • Although our books are advertised for sale on other websites such as Amazon, Waterstones, etc., they are not available for sale on these websites as we do not supply them with any of our books due to their high charges. Tomser Cat books are only available from this website.