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“Can we walk to the Moon, Dad?”


Tom and his Dad set out on an adventure to the Moon where they discover quite a few surprises!

A wonderful lyrical adventure story for everyone who loves to explore!

Ideal for bedtime reads and introducing children to rhyme and independent reading!


A magical journey ideal for bedtime reads, introducing children to rhyme and also encouraging them towards independent reading!

Age Group: up to 7 years.

32 pages with large beautiful colour illustrations throughout produced and printed right here in the UK. 

Look out for Tomser Cat hidden in the pages of every book!

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How High Do Trees Grow?

How High Do Trees Grow?

Another exciting picture book adventure to accompany

Can We Walk to the Moon?

Book Reviews

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Beautiful Book

Lewis loves his new book! We read Can We Walk to the Moon? at bedtime. Such a beautiful book that captures not only Lewis's imagination, but mine too.


Rating: 5 Stars

A Magical Experience

My 3 Year old loves Can We Walk To The Moon, he loves the moon creatures that Tom & Dad meet on The Moon, he loves the story & the illustrations complement it perfectly! We love looking & disscussing the the pictures which helps a younger audience who don't always sit still! Its a lovely story that we came accross from Author Mark doing a storytelling in a hospital we were at. We shall spend many evenings reading this wonderful magical book and talking about the moon!

Rating: 5 Stars

Anya age 8, Llyncrwn Primary School

I think this is an awesome book. I have written a story like this but I think yours is better. I like Tom he is my favourite character.

Rating: 5 Stars

Awesome book

This book is brilliant I love  reading it  I would like to have  my  own adventure!

Rating: 5 Stars

brilliant book

I enjoyed this book so much that Mark Dorey and Liz Dorey are now my favourite illustrator and author. I wish I was as great as writing books as you because this book is amazing how you`ve rhymed the words and the illustrations are excellent.

from Jake

Rating: 5 Stars

I was over the moon with this book !

I would highly recommend this book and I have read it to my son several times. I especially like the fact that it rhymes and the illustrations are extremely beautiful!

Rating: 5 Stars

Over the moon!

Lovely story, I especially liked the fact that the book rhymes. The book is beautifully illustrated . I have read it to my son several times and I highly recommend it.

Rochelle Clifford

Rating: 5 Stars

Beautiful Book!

Overall, Can We Walk to the Moon? is a lovely story and we would be happy to read it to Morgan at bedtime, as opposed to those of his books that make us sigh inwardly when he selects them at bedtime! We have stacks of books on Morgan’s bookshelf that we find a real chore to read, for reasons ranging from poor syntax, spelling, grammar and artwork, to just plain uninteresting storytelling. This book is clearly not in those categories as we both agreed we would happily read it over and over again. The illustrations are beautiful and enhance the story. Morgan enjoyed the story and said that he would want to read it again.

Mel & Rich

Rating: 5 Stars

can we walk to the moon

This book was really good to read and I think that it should be for 5 to 7 year olds. #the illustrations are great!  

Tristan Plant

Rating: 5 Stars


Beautiful illustrations and an amazing story across the pages to the moon. Love the fact that this is a father and son story.  As a teacher I would use this for lots of topics from space, rhyming and lots more.  Fantastic!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Lovely Book!

A great and imaginative story that's easy to read and the rhyming gives it a lovely tone! Fabulous illustrations, a wonderful book! Looking forward to the next!

Rating: 5 Stars

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