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Into The Shattered Dark

"I warned you all, do not trust the Darkness. It doesn't give, it taints, and it will only ever take from you."


Jake, Luke, Megan and Lucy thought they had left Pen Glas behind, but someone or something  seems determined to drag them back.

What really happened in 1675 onboard the doomed merchant ship The North Star and to the Morcant family treasure it carried? 

What is the link to the gruesome painting depicting the execution of a notorious highwayman from 1814? 

Why is Luke so obsessed with an unsolved murder in World War Two?

Once again, the cousins are pulled through time and now the stakes are even higher. 

It’s no longer about changing history – it’s about keeping themselves alive.

Book Two of the Pen Glas Mysteries, ideally to be read after The Green Eyes of Darkness.

Age Group: Young adult fantasy fiction.

124 pages of high adventure produced and printed right here in the UK.

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A well-worth adventure story for adults and children alike

This is a wonderful adventure story. It takes up the adventures of four young people in a mysterious stately home in Wales; it incorporates time travel to the period of the English Civil War and subtle science fiction elements. The characters are well realised and believable. The plotting is outstanding. There are moments of real tension and suspense, as well as comic sequences, action and high drama. The novel combines, if you are old enough to remember, the qualities of classic BBC children's dramas (think Box of Delights or Moondial) with a contemporary feel. What I particularly loved was the way in which this novel seemed to balance qualities of the best of classic British children's adventure writing (such as Puck of Pook's Hill by Kipling or The Once and Future King by T. H. White) with unobtrusive science fiction elements and thoroughly modern characters. The tantalising suggestion of a larger plot line makes the series promises to be one that could easily stand up next to the likes of Philip Reeve. I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone with a taste for historical adventure, mysterious stately homes, and that wonderful 'curled up in front of the fire' feeling.

Rating: 5 Stars

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