We're still open during the COVID19 lockdown, so why not treat yourself to a book?

home of brilliant children's books

home of brilliant children's books

home of brilliant children's bookshome of brilliant children's books

Reading With Your Child sessions

Let's go on an Adventure!

Children enjoy reading with their parents more than anyone else!

Reading with your children ignites their imagination and better still, no batteries are required!

In this practical session, Mark illustrates the importance and advantages of setting aside time to read with your children. There is also an opportunity to sit in on a storytelling session with your children as Mark takes you through two of his books: Can We Walk to the Moon? and How High Do Trees Grow?

This morning or afternoon session has been designed for up to 25 parents, who will be joined by their children half way through for the storytelling!


A review of one of our sessions

"Mark provided lots of useful information to help family members aware of how they can support their child's reading at home.

This was a very engaging session that makes books come alive and reading lots of fun!

I would definitely recommend Mark to lead a story telling session and we hope that he will return to Tredegarville one day to work with us again."

Joanne Powell, Deputy Head

Tredegarville Primary School,