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Why does the welsh flag have a dragon on it?


Wales - A Mysterious Land of Dragons & much more...

Wales is not only a wonderful country, it also has the most brilliantly fantastic and most interesting and most unusual flag in the whole world, because unlike any other flag, the Welsh flag has a Dragon on it!

But have you ever wondered why this is?

Using A Brief History of Dragons  which forms part our illustrated chapter book, The Mystery of the Un-Snowy Mountain and the Great Deep Sleep Miscalculation., Mark will take you on an amazing storytelling adventure filled with lots of incredible stories and wonderful dragons to discover the answer to this secret passed down through the ages! 

An ideal Storytelling session for children in Years 2, 3 & 4

This storytelling session has been designed for Foundation and younger Juniors, taking them on a fun and fantastical journey into the mythical world of Dragons!

The children will also create and complete a Dragon Activity Book during the session which has been specifically designed for Years 2, 3 & 4 with a maximum class of 25 children. 

The Activity Book contains the following:

  •  Dragon Crossword – Complete our Dragon Crossword seeing how much you can remember from the presentation!
  • Dragon Word Search – Find your Crossword answers hidden in our Dragon word search puzzle…
  • Dragon Magic – Come up with your own Dragon Special Abilities!
  • My Dragon – Create your very own Dragon!
  • Dragon Drawing – What will your Dragon look like?
  • Q & A

Celebrating St David's Day

This storytelling session could be used in conjunction with St David's Day celebrations within your school.

Price £195

This price includes signed books for the school library.